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[Americanized Greek Mythology]
  1. Derivative name of Greek Titan Coeus. Son of Sky (Uranus) and Earth (Gaia), he was gifted with the power of eternal learning that allowed him to grow smarter each day and eventually predict the future.

What is Kios?

Kios is made up of data-focused product consultants and engineers. We work alongside your team to take your ideas at any stage of the product lifecycle and refine them into practices that can be used for the long haul.

Kios started as an idea. I was sitting in my North Austin apartment sometime in 2020 with appliances older than I am wondering why it was so hard for companies to leverage their data for great products. We started thinking what if people built great products with data in mind from the beginning.

We aren't interested in a quick fix or a quick buck. We're interested in building great products whether it's with our clients or for our customers.

Core Tenants


Security matters to your customers and it matters to us even more.


Don't you hate when something is flashy and new, but just doesn't work? We do too.


You shouldn't reinvent the wheel. Much less do it twice.